Photos by Delante Armani.

Well, it’s that time of year again:  HOLIDAY SEASON.  That point in time where we realize we literally only have about 2 weeks left until we’re back to the week-long New Year resolutions, month-long gym memberships, multiple vision board workshops, and  “New Year, New Me” memes are all over the web. More importantly though, it’s that time of year for every piece of clothing to be nothing but glitter for the rest of the year and even though I am usually all for it, this time I am taking a different route… a more comfortable route…


Every year around this time, as soon as holiday season hits, I am in shock by how quick the year has passed me by.  I think back to what all I got accomplished (and what I didn’t) and how much more there is to do.  I start working on NYE plans that usually change and I go out shopping for the perfect sparkling ensemble that doesn’t work out (even though I wear it anyway LOL).


I’m not sure why but I think anything that is made of sparkling material is made differently than our clothing year round.  It’s so pretty but so uncomfortable and my sequins end up falling off every time (don’t laugh LOL). The decision of being all shiny always outweighs the decision of comfort but this year though, I’m being smart about it.


One thing is for sure, black never goes out of style.  I actually wore it last NYE too.  I remember I had just gotten my hair cut and I wore a black sparkling mini with a black fur coat and even though comfy, this year I am taking it to a new level.

This dress from Fhonia Ellis has to be the definition of black being timeless.  It is a mixture of all of the right elements and it came right on time for the holiday season. Not only does it have my two favorite styles ever (choker + off the shoulder) but it’s LONG SLEEVE!!! Too many times we’ve sacrificed warmth to be cute for the company parties and finally, I didn’t have to. Not to mention, the material is EVERYTHING (translation: it’s thick and smooths out all the curves.)


If you can’t tell, I LOVE IT and once again black saves the day, not to mention it paired flawlessly with gold accessories.  The Tora Dress is beyond chic and beyond perfection. For me, it can be hard to find a dress I have absolutely no reservations about and combines every element I love.  If I was dress, I actually think this is what I would look like (don’t judge).  But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.  I’ll even make it easy and provide the link below.  In the meantime though, follow @FhoniaElls on IG and don’t forget me @TheChloeBrand for more pics and exclusive posts. Happy Holidays guys, until next time!

-xoxo Chloe



Other Outfit Details:

  • Heels : Traffic Shoe
  • Clutch : Thrifted
  • Earrings/Rings : Charlotte Russe